The Fuzzy Control Manager:
Your Entry into the Fuzzy World

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The Fuzzy Control Manager (FCM) provides an intuitively usable GUI running under MS Windows. It is used to define fuzzy systems of any complexity. As a result of the window-oriented user interface of the FCM, all relevant data may be displayed simultaneously while developing, debugging, and optimizing. Several software interfaces are available for data exchange with other applications or target systems. An integrated, speed-optimized generation of source code for any hardware enables you to use fuzzy systems even in time critical high-performance applications.

Features of the FCM

When constructing fuzzy systems the FCM allows you to

To test your projects, the FCM offers you

Additionally the FCM offers you

(depending on the FCM version)

Refer to the version overview for a complete listing of all FCM versions and their hardware support!

Contents · Softcomputing · Screen shot

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