75X Emulator Interface for Windows

For the development of microcontroller applications using the NEC 75X 4-bit single-chip microcomputer series, the professional incircuit emulator IE-75000-R is available which provides realtime execution with or without breakpoints, CPU trace execution, single step operation, and full access to all registers and memory locations. A great variety of breakpoint conditions and trace modes leads to high-efficient software debugging.

Operating commands and program data are transferred via a serial interface line which allows the connection of a standard ASCII terminal for direkt communication between the user and the emulator interface. However, for this mode of operation it would be necessary to learn many emulator commands, parameters, and messages.

To solve this problem, the DGWIN-IE75 software package was created. This development tool provides a powerful graphic user interface which replaces the command line interface of the emulator by a "look and feel" environment. All user actions are converted into the corresponding emulator commands automatically, and multiple windows, various display modes and additional buffering of the received memory data and other user-relevant information facilitate the usage of the emulator by orders of magnitude. The DGWIN-IE75X runs under MS-Windows and offers all the specific advantages known from software based upon this operating system.

The main features of this development system (IE-75000-R + DGWIN-IE75) are:

To run the EM75X software on a PC, the following hardware and software components are required: CPU 386 or higher, at least 4 MB of RAM, 5 MB of hard disk space, a mouse, one additional serial port, the emulator IE-75000-R (NEC), MS-Windows.

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