Microcontroller Debugging Tools

screenshot   75X/75XL Emulator Interface

Emulator Software for NEC 75X Microcontroller

screenshot   PICE(MN1500)/WIN

Development Tool for Panasonic MN1500 Microcontroller

  78K0 Starter Kit

Development Tool for NEC 78K0 Microcontroller

  78K3 Starter Kit

Development Tool for NEC 78K3 Microcontroller

Starter kits for the software development for processor devices of the 78K0/K3 families. These development systems and the available evaluation boards offer a low-cost entry into the world of 78K0/K3. The application programs can be downloaded to the target hardware directly for immediate testing.

The starter kit may be ordered at any NEC distributor. If you are interested, contact us for help.
(eMail: info@transfertech.de).

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