The FCM-Standard is a universal tool for developing complex Fuzzy-Systems, which supports no special hardware, but can produce runtime optimized ANSI-C-code. This C-code uses no special libraries and is therefore easily to be ported on any hardware for which an Ansi-C-Compiler is available. In addition you have the facility to export your Fuzzy-project as interpretable, portable code ("PCode"), which can be changed externally and then again reloaded (data format is documented). The PCode is also available via an online-monitor interface for universal hardware connections.

Size and complexity of the fuzzy controllers you want to design is not limited by FCM-Standard but only by the general system resources (memory size, etc.). This means in detail:

Further features and system requirements are mentioned in the FCM produkt description.

Fuzzy development environment with ANSI-C code output, manual in german resp. english language included

German version: FCM-Standard Deutsch
English version: FCM-Standard English

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